Rianne (xblisssfulkissx) wrote in kataomoi,

I think I've fallen...

What is this I'm feeling? I just cant explain... When you're around, I'm just not the same... When I hear your voice I smile. You're my last thought before I go to sleep and even in my dreams, there's you. I wake up looking forward to when I can see you and laugh with you and just be around you. I have never felt so beautiful, than when I'm around you. You make me glow with happiness and without you I don't know what I would do. I love how we can talk for forever and still not be able to say everything. You're an amazing person and I'm so, incredibly lucky to have met you. I wish that I know you all my life, even if as friends. You know exactly what to say at the right time and everytime I feel like I can't go through with this painful ordeal called life you can pick me up. You're like a natural high without any downs. Even if I haven't known you as long as I've known my other friends, you know things about me I hate talking about to other people. You never judge me and you can straight out tell me that you're worried about me. I trust you. You have no idea how much I value your opinion. I'd be lost if I lost you. You know when I am upset and even though I know you sometimes think I am too emotional, you still make the effort to lighten my mood. When i was crying that one day in school, you knew that I needed space and you gave it to me. And when I came home that day, you called me and still asked me if I needed someone to talk to. I had asked you why you called and I recall you replying a simple "Well, you seemed upset and I was worried about you. I called to ask you if you were ok." Thank you for that. it was then I realized how fortunaute I was to have you. Thank you for putting up with me, and we boh know that that is sometimes a pretty difficult thing to do. Thank you for liking me for me, for all aspects of my personality. Haha, and you're also the only one who can scold me without me biting back. Im so lucky to have someone like you to talk to. I want to say thank you for never hesitating to make me laugh. I admire the way you can listen to my problems and always have something to say to make me feel better. You know that when I get mad at you, it's because of me being me. haha. We both know that I can get mad about anything. Thank you for putting up with my backbiting, unbearable whining, and endless complaints. All other people would given up on me a long time ago. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for always telling me exactly what you think. I know I vex you with my insistant anger, and I'm sorry for sometimes venting it out on you. But I realize that I can do that and not have you get too mad or upset at me. Thank you for knowing what things you can laugh at me about without me being offended. And what things you can't laugh about because I would get offended. You understand me and so often I find myself opening up to you. So often I find myself thinking about what you have said to me about the thing I happen to be doing (like yelling at my sister). You're still the only one who can make me feel guilty about being such a bitch, by the way. That is an incredible feat. How are you doing this anyway? I'm sorry for all the times I've yelled at you, slapped you, mocked you, used you, even. I'm so glad that you are a forgiving person and the next day, all my offenses are wiped clean and I have a new slate to work with. I take you for granted, I know. Also, if you got in trouble for that one time we talked until almost 2 in the morning, sorry. You have no idea how the little things you say affect me. Haha, I'm glad you like my lips. I love how we can both talk about how hot other people are without it being wierd or strained. haha, angelina jolie IS pretty... and yes, jude law is BANGIN!!! Even though chances are we won't know each other in the future, I'm glad that you think you'll remember me and still take me to Venice and Paris bungee jumping. You make me laugh so easily, its ridiculous. You almost killed me the other night with the news of that crazy woman who castrated her husband and the investgator found his .. erm... MANHOOD in the bushes. haha... I am truly lucky to have you for a friend. Haha, I'm not sure you can say the same about me though, me being the loud, angry, bitter, bitchy, whiny, pain in the ass I am. haha. Yes, I'm done now. haha. Thank you. THose two words are no where near how I feel about all the little things you've done for me. But you cath my drift, right?
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