Rianne (xblisssfulkissx) wrote in kataomoi,

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That natural high is gone... The feeling: gone. LIke it was never there... The butterflies in my stomach:dead. I am hurt and bitter at the world right now. I gave everything to you and you tore me to shreds. I was only for you amusement. I gave my heart to you and you ground it to dirt. You gave your heart to someone else, while mine was still in your hands. How could you do that?? Of all the things I have done to make things work... I guess it wasn't good enough. You really can't make someone love you. I believe in unrequited love, I do. I guess that kind of love just wasn't between us afterall...
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i hope you aren't heartbroken anymore... as cheezy as it is, i've been told many times: time heals all wounds
i'm just impatient.... but it's true
keep your chin up

umm wow


February 26 2008, 00:04:17 UTC 10 years ago

umm. i feel like you need a hug! but i feel that way. you actually just discrebed my feelings, i thought i was in love. but know i'm not sure. my feelings for him are strong but... well WHATEVER THAT ONE WAS REALLY DEEP!!! *and amazing*